The 10 Best Podcast Transcription Services (2024)

Explore the best podcast transcription services of 2024. Find the perfect match, learn the benefits of podcast transcription, and compare software and pricing.

You’ve just launched your podcast and are ready to boost its reach by posting podcast episode transcriptions on your website. But with so many transcription services out there, how do you know which one to pick?

And can’t you just transcribe your podcast yourself?

If time were unlimited, we’d say sure—transcribe it all yourself. But the truth of the matter is that time is money. Unless you’ve got unlimited time on your hands, you’re better off leaving the busy work of transcription to the professionals.

Be sure to read from top to bottom so you don’t miss a thing—here’s what you need to know when choosing the best podcast transcription services.

What Is A Podcast Transcription Service?

Podcast transcription is the process of converting audio content into written text, and a podcast transcription service does just that.

But the written text is more than just what is said during your podcast—the best transcription services will also:

  • Add the nonverbals to the transcript.
  • Provide extra context for readers.
  • Look professionally formatted.
  • Ensure your data and intellectual property is protected.

Why Should You Transcribe Your Podcasts?

With all the new podcast content coming out recently, getting your content in front of a wider audience is more challenging. But transcribing your podcast works wonders on visibility and allows a new audience to join the conversation.

Enhanced SEO

Podcast transcriptions are a way to get more out of your content. By transcribing your podcasts, your content is more discoverable in search.

Search engines can’t crawl audio content, but they can index text. Transcribing your podcasts feeds search engines with keyword-rich content. This will boost your online visibility in search.

And have we mentioned the benefits to your socials yet? Now that your audio has been transcribed, you have a treasure trove of copy! Use that for Instagram quotes, Facebook updates, and LinkedIn article posting!

Transcribing podcasts is all about making your content stretch further.

Increase Podcast Reach

Speaking of stretch, let’s talk about audience reach. Honestly, we know podcasts aren’t everyone’s “thing.” By providing a transcript, you are including those who prefer reading to listening.

This flexibility can lead to higher engagement and a broader audience base. It’s worth noting that only 1% of all podcasts in the U.S. offer transcripts. Your podcast could significantly increase its audience just by offering transcripts.

Expand Accessibility

According to the World Health Organization, over 5% of the world’s population – or 466 million – require rehabilitation to address their hearing loss.

A text version of your podcast caters to a broader audience, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing. It also caters to people who prefer reading over listening or have language barriers.

Increase Visibility

Posting transcribed content on your website enhances your search engine optimization (SEO), making it easier for potential listeners to discover your podcast through online searches.

How Do Podcast Transcription Services Work?

Podcast transcription isn’t magic—but it can feel like it when you find the perfect service. Generally, podcast transcription services have five simple steps.

Step 1 – Record an audio or video file.

Yes—podcast transcription services can transcribe video files and audio files. Be sure your recording is clear with high-quality audio for the best results.

Step 2 – Upload your audio or video file to the platform of your choice.

Excellent podcast transcription services will be able to handle a range of different file types, including (but not limited to):

  • MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer III): Widely used for music files and podcasts due to its small size and decent quality.
  • WAV (Waveform Audio File Format): Offers high-quality audio but with larger file sizes, commonly used in professional audio editing.
  • M4A (MPEG 4 Audio): Developed by Apple, it offers better quality than MP3s and is used in iTunes and iPods.
  • AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format): Similar to WAV, it provides high-quality audio and is used by Apple.
  • MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14): A widely used video streaming and storage format compatible with most devices and platforms.
  • AVI (Audio Video Interleave): Introduced by Microsoft, it supports multiple streaming audio and video, though it can result in large file sizes.
  • MOV (QuickTime File Format): Developed by Apple for QuickTime Player, it supports various tracks for different media types (video, audio, text, etc.).

Step 3 – Wait for your transcript.

The transcription service of your choice will process the audio and begin transcribing all of the podcast’s verbal and non-verbal contents. If you opt for human transcription, the process may take a few hours (worth it if you care about accuracy).

On the other hand, automated transcription generally only takes a few minutes, but you will need to spend a good chunk of time editing your transcription for accuracy.

Step 4 – Download your transcription file.

Most companies will deliver your transcription directly to your inbox in the file type of your choice. If you used human transcription, congratulations—your work is done because your transcription is ready for professional use. If not, move on to the next step.

Step 5 – Edit your podcast transcription.

Automated transcription may be lightning-fast, but you will likely need to set aside time to edit for accuracy. In addition, you’ll also likely need to format your transcription for readability.

Choosing the Right Transcription Method: A.I. vs Human

So, how do you decide between human transcription vs automated transcription? The answer depends on two things: your budget and your tolerance for error.

Automated transcription

One option is to use automated transcription software. Automated transcription services are tech-driven algorithms that convert speech to text quickly.

Typically, A.I. transcription services are more affordable than human transcription services. However, human transcriptionists have closer to 99% accuracy over the 85% accuracy of most automated transcriptions.

Professional human transcription

Another option is professional transcription companies (like SpeakWrite). Professional transcription services use experienced human transcriptionists.

These transcriptionists accurately interpret complex audio, including industry-specific jargon, multiple speakers, and varying accents. Using a transcriptionist ensures higher accuracy and professional formatting—ideal for podcasters requiring meticulous attention to detail.

How To Choose A Podcast Transcription Service

Evaluate the safety and security of the company.

You should know that your intellectual property is safe when uploading your audio content to a podcast transcription service.

Ensure that the transcription company you choose is transparent about its security measures for handling intellectual property, sensitive content, and customer data.

Understand pricing models.

  • Per File Minute: This model charges a fixed rate for each minute of audio or video submitted for transcription. It’s straightforward and predictable, making it easy to estimate costs upfront based on the length of your files.
  • Per Word: In this model, clients are charged based on the total number of words in the final transcript. This can be beneficial for content that includes long pauses or gaps in time, ensuring you’re not charged extra for time when no one is speaking.
  • Subscription Models: Subscription models offer a set package of services for a regular fee, typically monthly or annually. This can include a certain number of transcription minutes, access to faster turnaround times, or additional features like advanced editing tools.

Choose a service that offers the features you need most.

Some services offer additional features like time-stamping or specialized formatting at extra costs.

While the saying “best price, best quality” isn’t true about everything, it is something to think about with transcription. A higher price per word or hourly rate may signify higher quality work.

10 Best Podcast Transcription Tools On The Internet

Let’s get into it- what are some of the top transcription tools out there?

Each of these transcription services has its strengths and weaknesses. Remember, you’re in control here. Keep the scope, budget, and precision required for your project at the top of your mind.



(per minute unless stated)


Best For

SpeakWrite1.5 cents per wordHumanPrecision and swift turnaround
SimonSaysStarts at $0.10AIAffordability and export options
RevAI: $0.25, Human: $1.25BothFlexibility in transcription options
GoTranscriptStarts at $0.84HumanHigh accuracy rate
oTranscribeFreeManualCost savings for self-transcribers
Happy ScribeAI: $0.20, Human: $2.00BothChoice between AI and human transcription
SonixStarts at $0.10AIMultilingual support
TrintStarts at $0.48AIProfessional teams and corporations
Temi$0.25AIQuick, budget-friendly transcription
ScribieAutomated: $0.10, Manual: $0.80BothQuality and accuracy in both automated and manual

1.  SpeakWrite

(1.5 cents per word on single-speaker audio and video files)

SpeakWrite is celebrated for its precision and swift turnaround, courtesy of its skilled human transcriptionists. Human transcription can indeed be more expensive. So it’s up to you to decide if the polished product with no editing needed is worth the price.

2.  SimonSays

(Pricing: Starts at $0.10 per minute for A.I. transcription)

SimonSays offers an expedient, AI-driven transcription service, distinguished by its affordability and wide range of export options. While SimonSays may be cheaper, there is always a risk of AI-driven transcription regarding accuracy and nuance.

3.  Rev

(A.I. transcription costs $0.25 per minute, and human transcription services start at $1.25 per minute.)

Rev blends A.I. and human transcription services, providing flexibility in choice. Rev is known for struggling with heavily accented speech.

4.  GoTranscript

(Starts at $0.84 per minute.)

GoTranscript has a high accuracy rate, achieved through its human transcriptionists. This service is one of the pricier options in the market.

5.  oTranscribe

(Pricing: Free)

It’s free—but it’s free because you’re doing all the typing. The cost savings are unbeatable, but is it really worth the time it takes to do it yourself?

6.  Happy Scribe

(​​A.I. transcription costs $0.20 per minute, and human transcription costs $2.00 per minute.)

Another combo company where you can choose between their two packages: A.I. transcription or human transcription. Note that their A.I. is only 85% accurate, and the human transcription takes at least 24 hours to turn around.

7.  Sonix

(Starts at $0.10 per minute for A.I. transcription.)

A.I. is often praised for its multilingual support. If your audio has a lot of nonverbal cues, Sonix struggles to pick up those nuances.

8.  Trint

(Starts at $0.48 per minute for the pay-as-you-go plan.)

Trint was founded by an Emmy award-winning journalist who leveraged A.I. to get writers to create more and transcribe less. Trint is expensive, primarily due to its appeal to larger corporations and teams.

9.  Temi

($0.25 per minute for A.I. transcription.)

Temi provides a quick, budget-friendly A.I. transcription solution with a simple interface, ideal for straightforward content. However, it may falter with complex audio or in noisy environments.

10.  Scribie

(Automated transcription starts at $0.10 per minute, while manual transcription services start at $0.80 per minute.)

Scribie offers the choice between automated and manual transcription services, focusing on delivering quality and accuracy. While its automated option is competitively priced, the manual service demands a higher fee.

Podcast Transcription Services Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transcribe a podcast?

Record your podcast clearly to ensure high-quality audio. Choose a transcription method: automated transcription or professional transcription. Upload your podcast audio file to the chosen transcription tool or service. Review and edit the transcript for accuracy, especially if using automated software.

What tool converts a podcast to text?

Automated software tools like Temi, Sonix, or oTranscribe. Professional transcription services like SpeakWrite, GoTranscript, or Happy Scribe. Built-in transcription features in some podcast hosting platforms.

How much does a podcast transcription cost?

Depending on audio quality, automated software typically charges a few cents per minute. Professional services may charge per minute or word, usually from $1 to $3 per minute. Prices vary based on factors like audio quality, number of speakers, and turnaround time.

How can I transcribe a podcast for free?

Use free transcription software like oTranscribe, though manual effort is required. Some podcast platforms offer basic transcription features at no extra cost. Utilize free trials provided by transcription services to transcribe a single episode or a short snippet.

Why choose a transcription service over automated transcription?

Transcription services offer higher accuracy, especially for complex audio with multiple speakers, accents, or industry-specific jargon. They provide personalized editing and formatting services to ensure an accurate transcription. Better at understanding context, nuances, and non-verbal cues in the audio.

How accurate is A.I. transcription?

A.I. transcription accuracy can vary, typically from 70% to 95%, depending on the audio quality, speech clarity, and content complexity. It tends to be less accurate with poor audio quality, heavy accents, or overlapping speech.

How accurate are transcription services compared to A.I. transcription?

Professional transcription services generally offer higher accuracy, often exceeding 98%, due to human involvement in the transcription process. They better interpret context, colloquialisms, and technical terminology, producing a more precise transcript.

SpeakWrite guarantees a 99%- 100% accuracy rate—higher than any A.I. transcription or speech-to-text software. Perhaps the number one thing that sets SpeakWrite apart is the turnaround time. Within 3 hours of submission, your transcript will be ready; no edits are necessary. Take advantage of SpeakWrite’s free trial today.

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