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A free mobile & desktop dictation solution for your smart device!

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The SpeakWrite App is a free mobile and desktop dictation solution for your smart device.

SpeakWrite’s free mobile and desktop app is a full-service dictation system that allows you to submit your files directly to one of our readily available typists and receive your completed transcribed document back in about 3 hours.

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Record dictations, meetings and interviews of any length.

Access your previously recorded audio files and check the status of your transcribed document.


We are one of the fastest transcription services in the U.S. One-Tap securely uploads your files to SpeakWrite for immediate processing. You’ll get your transcribed document back in about 3 hours!


Our app is 100% free! There’s no need to purchase expensive equipment or dictation devices. The app can be downloaded on your Apple, Android, or Microsoft device.


A SpeakWrite patented technology – PhotoNotes lets you take unlimited photos on the fly and insert them directly into your document. Photos are included in your final document exactly where you added them, free of charge!


Our app is so easy to use, anyone can learn it and start “SpeakWriting” in minutes. One-Tap securely submits your work to SpeakWrite for immediate processing – anywhere, anytime, 24/7/365!

Dictating with

While you’re dictating in the app, you can use the “View Templates” button to pull up your templates so that you can follow the formatting to create a more complete and accurate final document.

Text Messages

If you have text messages that you want to preserve in a document, just screenshot the texts and upload them to our app. You’ll get a complete transcript back within a few hours.

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