How To Transcribe M4A To Text: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to transcribe M4A to text with our step-by-step guide, discover the pros and cons of manual and automated transcription, and find the top transcription services.

Are you tired of endlessly replaying your lengthy and complex audio files to find key information? Need an efficient way to turn your M4A audio into text?

M4A to text transcription can transform your audio file into accurately transcribed written text for easier reading, searching, and analysis.

So, if you’re ready to take your content and research to new heights, then here’s what you need to know to discover the power of M4A transcription.

What Is An M4A File?

A M4A file is an audio file format developed by Apple and is widely recognized in the industry for its abilities. They’re known for their high-quality and efficient compression abilities, making them the go-to format for music streaming, podcasting, and more.

Who Mainly Transcribes M4A Files To Text?

M4A transcriptions are used by musicians, podcasters, journalists, and across industries for the use of converting audio into text for a deeper analysis. This spans from archiving and record-keeping to efficiency and convenience.

Choosing The Right M4A Transcription Approach

When choosing between the right M4A transcription approach, it all comes down to your needs. There are two options to choose from: automated transcription, which is performed by artificial intelligence or speech-to-text technology, and human transcription.

Dive deeper into this comparison in our detailed guide to Human Transcription vs. A.I. Transcription!

Automated Transcription (A.I.)

Using artificial intelligence (A.I.) for transcription is fast and affordable but lacks quality and contextual understanding. You’ll spend more time editing the transcription afterward than you would if you used human transcription.



●     Swift processing of hour-long files in minutes.

●     More affordable compared to human transcription services.


●     Transcripts do not match the quality provided by human transcriptionists.

●     Challenges with recognizing accents or uncommon terminology may require time-consuming post-transcription edits.

●     Transcripts are typically delivered as plain text and lack professional formatting.

●     Speech-to-text technology may miss crucial contextual nuances in audio or video files.

Human Transcription

Human transcription offers high accuracy and professional formatting, though it results in higher costs and longer turnaround times. If you have the budget and you can spare a few hours, it’s definitely worth the investment.




●     Excellent understanding of varied accents and domain-specific language for enhanced transcription quality.

●     High accuracy levels, often eliminating the need for further editing.

●     Capability to revisit challenging audio sections for accurate representation.

●     Produces well-formatted documents suitable for professional distribution.

●     Ensures confidentiality, with the option for transcribers to sign non-disclosure agreements.

●     Time-intensive process, with transcription of an hour-long file taking multiple hours.

●     Although highly accurate, human transcription is not exempt from occasional errors.

Benefits Of M4A Transcription

Transcribing your M4A files has several benefits, including increased accessibility, enhanced searchability, and improved content longevity. This makes it a valuable tool for professionals across various industries.

How To Transcribe M4A to Text In 5 Easy Steps

It’s never been easier to transcribe your M4A files into text. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Select a dependable transcription service like SpeakWrite or download software that is compatible with M4A files.

Step 2: Upload the M4A file to the chosen platform.

Step 3: Specify any desired formatting or time-stamping preferences.

Step 4: Initiate the transcription process, which can be automated or involve human assistance as per the service.

Step 5: Review and refine the transcribed text for accuracy before downloading or saving it.

Ready to start transcribing now?

3 Best M4A Audio Transcription Services

The good news is that you have plenty of options available when it comes to transcribing audio. When selecting the best audio to text software for audio consider factors such as accuracy, language support, and available formats.

To simplify your decision-making process, we have prepared this guide featuring three outstanding apps and software for audio transcription.

#1 – SpeakWrite

SpeakWrite provides transcription services across many specialized industries, such as legal, law enforcement, general business, and much more. The thorough understanding of industry jargon and the use of human transcriptionists results in a delivery with a 99%-100% accuracy rate.

Pricing: Offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Why the service stands out:

  1. Holds one of the fastest turnaround times and delivers transcriptions within 3 hours.
  2. Access to unlimited on-demand to expert typists.
  3. Offers no-contract pricing; you are only charged for the completed work.

#2 – Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe offers a blend of machine-generated and human transcription, supporting over 120 languages, dialects, and accents. It’s known for its flexible handling of M4A and user-friendly editing dashboard.

Pricing: Starts at $10 per month for the basic plan.

Why the service stands out:

  • Offers both machine-generated and human-made transcription services.
  • Their transcription and subtitle services achieve 85-99% accuracy.
  • Transcripts can be exported in multiple formats, including TXT, DOCX, and PDF.

#3 – REV

Known for its flexibility and accuracy, Rev offers both A.I. and human transcription services suitable for various industries, including legal, academic, and media.

Pricing: A.I. transcription is priced at $0.25 per minute, while human transcription is offered for $1.50 per minute.

Why the service stands out:

  • I. transcription services are noted as being the most accurate processes in the industry.
  • Known for their quick delivery of transcriptions.
  • Combines technology with human expertise in human-reviewed transcriptions.

The SpeakWrite Difference

SpeakWrite sets itself apart in transcription by placing a strong emphasis on human transcriptionists.

Having a real, live, trained transcriptionist at the helm of your project guarantees unmatched precision and attention to detail that cannot be matched by automated services.

Transcribe your M4A files with ease.

Uploading your M4A files with SpeakWrite is simple. Submit your recordings via their app, phone, computer, or email to seamlessly start the transcription process.

SpeakWrites’ expert transcriptionists are trained to handle M4A files. Plus, they’re known for offering a 99% – 100% accuracy rate, so you can expect high quality every time.

Receive your transcriptions in no time.

Within approximately three hours, SpeakWrite converts your M4A recordings into reliable text. Their efficient process ensures a rapid turnaround without compromising quality.

Receive your transcribed text in your preferred format, conveniently delivered to your email. The transcriptions are ready for immediate use or further review, providing you with valuable flexibility.

Expect the highest quality customer service and pricing.

Rest easy knowing that SpeakWrite keeps all transcription work within the U.S. and Canada, guaranteeing top-notch security and confidentiality for your M4A files.

SpeakWrite goes beyond transcription services. You are given access to comprehensive tools and a dedicated Account Manager, all while providing you with excellent service to ensure a smooth process.

Finally, with SpeakWrite’s pay-as-you-go model, you only pay for the transcribed words. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with transparent pricing and no hidden costs.

M4A Audio Transcription: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the free software to convert M4A to text?

You can find free tools that can convert audio into text on platforms like Word, PDFs, and Google Docs. These tools are useful for simple transcription tasks, but they may have limitations on file size, duration, or the number of transcriptions you can perform.

If you have more complex requirements, it’s advisable to choose a paid transcription service that provides advanced features and higher precision.

Can I transcribe an audio file to text?

Yes, transcribing audio to text is possible and comes in handy for various purposes. There are transcription services and software available that efficiently convert spoken words into written text.

How to caption an M4A file?

Captioning an M4A file involves several steps.

First, transcribe the audio into text using a transcription service. Then, synchronize the text with the audio timing using captioning software. Save the captions in a compatible format like SRT or VTT.

Finally, attach the caption file to the M4A file in a media player or editor that supports captions.

How do you manually transcribe audio to text?

If you prefer manual transcription, follow these steps for the best results: Listen to the audio file and carefully type out the spoken words. Leverage a media player that enables pausing, rewinding, and adjusting playback speed.

Break down the transcription into manageable sections, capturing precise dialogue and noting non-verbal cues. Afterward, review the text by listening to the audio again to ensure the transcription’s accuracy.

Check out this beginner’s guide for transcribing audio to text.

What’s the Best Approach to Transcribe Audio to Text?

The best approach for audio to text transcription depends on individual needs and preferences. When prioritizing accuracy and convenience, utilizing reliable transcription services or software can automate the task efficiently.

However, if you want high-quality transcription, manual transcription services offer a hands-on approach with control over every detail. Choose the method that aligns with your requirements for time, accuracy, and convenience.

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